Alaska I
July 3 - July 6, 2019

Snacking up at SFO

Before we take off

Anchorage, here we come!

First day, biking on the coastal trail

Jets zomming over our heads

Warmer than expected

Mostly flat, with just a few hills

Stop in the shady forest

Papa teaching them tricks

Too many mosquitoes

20+ miles

Back in Anchorage

A city with no grocery stores or ice cream

At least we found a bakery

Early next morning

Why do we have to get up this early?


It's not that bad

Putting on a smile for good sport

The old train

Our train

Anchorage to Seward

Scenic upper cabin

Parallel to the highway at first

Then hugging a river

Smoky red sun

Breakfast in the restaurant below

Drinks first

Life is better with full belly

Enjoying the comfortable ride

Passing by glaciers

Snow-capped peaks



Really pretty

More mountains

Going outside

More glaciers

Floating ice

Chugging along the curves


Glacier lakes

Enjoying the breeze

With Peter

He has been out for a while

Philip also liking it


Arriving to our destination


Walking toward our hotel, then boarding directly the cruise ship

Off we go

On a Kenai Fjords tour

Smoky at first

Then clearing up a bit

Spotting a whale

Our table for the tour

Kids taking Junior Ranger oath after completing the adventure booklet about Keni Fjords

Speeding along

Kids falling asleep


Outside on the deck

Snow meets ocean

Approaching the glacier


With Christof

Glacier ice

Glacier cocktails

The drinks wake up the kids

Being silly

Taking pictures

Spotting another whale

Tail out


Passing by some islands

Kids venturing out


Junior rangers

Approaching land again

Back in Seward

Halibut capital

Oyster dinner



Exploring Seward