Alaska II
July 6 - July 8, 2019

Waiting for a shuttle to Exit Glacier

Another mosquito heaven

Starting the trail

Walking fast

A peak of our destination

Some uphill

Peter taking lots of pictures

A stop with Mama

Running along

Snapping a few more pictures

As far as we can go

Exit glacier

Signs indicating the extent of the glacier over the years

Picture with Papa

Now all four of us



Smashing rocks


Let's go down to the river

To cool off

Feels good

Mama walked across the river for a closer look

There it is

The boys building

I found a chunk of ice!

And a bigger one

Let's take a picture of it

Touch it

Feel it

Ice cold

Back in the shuttle

Philip resting

Just in time to catch our train back to Anchorage

Peter really enjoying it

Philip grumpy at times

He has another loose tooth that is bothering him

Peter outside with Papa

Taking it in

Feeling the wind through his hair

He captured these moose



And glaciers

In the restaurant

Waiting for dinner

Peter the master of pictures this trip

Finally, food!

Pretty good

All four outside


And marshes

Approaching Anchorage

Philip happy inside

Especially with the full service - all drinks included

Still smoky and hot in Anchorage

Driving up to Talkeetna and having lunch

Denali flightseeing tour

Let's go

Peter ready

Papa ready

Philip ready

Taking off

Over the river

Peter looking out and listening

Philip found snow in the cooler

Flying up river to Denali

Getting closer

Huge valley

Impressive mountains

Two glaciers merge

Going higher up

Flying close to the moose's tooth rock

More and more snow

Wide valley

Two planes landed below

We fly further

Jagged peaks


Turquiose snow melt

A few more turns

Before we head to our landing spot

Shorts and T-shirts at first

Then putting on jackets

Family picture

The highlight of our trip (for me, at least)

We were super lucky with the weather

Mama talking with the pilot




Mama joining

I am so happy we did this

Papa with the boys


Run papa, run

Snowball fight

There is more coming

Walking around

Calming down

Our plane

On the way back

The kids playing with glacier ice

Papa was co-pilot

He got a super clear view of the glaciers

And the Denali range

There he is

Back in Talkeetna, a cute little town

Ice cream

Stylish moose

Gift shops

Bikes to rent

Reaching the river - is that Denali in the back?

Stopping at a local artisan coffee shop

Cooling off on their couch