Alaska III
July 7 - July 11, 2019

Totally hot and smoky in Denali Natl Park - 40 fires burning

Inside the visitor center


Driving into the park as far as allowed

To Savage river

Going for a hike

Along the nice river


And pleasant

Going off trail at the end of the official trail

For some mining and rock smashing

Working hard

Papa appraising their rocks

Back in the park, at another trailhead

Peter taking pictures

Philip trying to catch butterflies and bees

Arriving to a cute river spot

No one else around

The boys exploring

Playing well together

Opening a restaurant

Serving the best crabby patties

With salad too

While mama reads and papa looks for bears

Evening in our motel room at Denali Rainbow Village

Heading out for a walk

Finding a path down

To the river

To play



Back at Denali National Park the next day

For a bus tour - the only way to get in to the park (unless you win an annual lottery to drive your own car in)

Completing a junior ranger book

Getting the driver's signature

Peter at a stop

Wildflowers along the road

Reaching Toklat river

Our destination after a slow drive


Moving half an hour before the bus heads back

Taking a selfie

Mama in the visitor center

Back on the bus

Peter with Papa at another stop

Dirt road with park buses

A caribou next to the road

Spotting another one

Goat up on the rocks

Sooo wiggly

And it's finally out!

Dan the slow driver eventually made it back to base

Denali Rainbow Village strip

Mama went down to the river with the kids

What happened?

They just love playing in the mud

Walking back to our motel

Sleeping in

Driving the Denali highway

Offroading from the main dirt road

Hiking a bit

Turning back because of mosquitoes

Keep on going

Found a perfect lunch spot

Hungry kids


Then going down to a lake to splash papa

Elevator service

Foot checking service

More ammunition

Reaching our next destination

A cabin along the MacLaren river

Lodge entrance


Peter with one of the lodge dogs

Philip helped himself to the coach in front of a TV with cartoons

Big bear


Papa on the deck

While the kids play with a neighbor's dog

Enjoying the slow sunset


Then, on the road again

Wait a second

Who is at the wheels?


Then Philip, taking several turns each

A one-lane bridge

Nice lakes

Back on paved road

Trans-Alaska pipeline

Papa reading

Finally found a place to eat in Delta Junction

Stopping by at the local museum

Checking out life in the old days

Mining tools and finds

Dressed up

Santa Claus

In the town of North Pole (where we got the jackknives)