Alaska IV
July 11 - July 16, 2019

River's Edge Resort in Fairbanks

Old reception building and breakfast hall

Duckies in the river

Visiting our cabin

Carving sticks with their new jackknives

Mama discovered some raspberry bushes nearby


Still smokey out there

Wild amimals along the road

Hiking just before reaching Chena Hot Springs


Angel rock

Climbing up

Kings of the rock

Quite steep uphill

Difficult climb

Peter and Mama


Peter ahead

Shelter under a rock

Cloudy and rainy


Relaxing on the rocks

Cool hiker kids


Heading down in the rain

Arriving Chena Hot Springs

Still raining


Going out to the hot springs

Ice museum only open by tour

We decided to skip it and drive back to Fairbanks

Healthy dinner at our cabin

With dessert

A stop in Denali National park

With clear skies after the rains

Back to our favorite river spot

More crabby patties in the making

Clear river


Of different colors

A picture with mama

With papa

The parents

Nice trail

Napping while we drive

A scenic vista point (we could not see Denali...)

Back in Talkeetna

Oldest hut in town

Dinner at the super good Wildflower restaurant


Evening trip to a lake close by

Lifeguards in training

The lake is ours

Kids having fun

Swimming out

Enjoying some cartoons in our LoveLee mini cabin

Back at the lake the next morning

The training continues

Let's rescue mama

Philip got me back

Iditarod headquarters

At the Iditarod husky ranch

The puppies are adorable

I can't get enough of them

The kids go in their cage to cuddle more with them

We decided to go on a ride

The dogs really want to go

You can hear their excitement

Petting one after the ride

So wild and smart

Back with the puppies

This one really likes Peter

I am so happy they like them too

Sniffing and climbing

My second best part of the trip

Boarding Anchorage

To King Salmon on the Katmai peninsula

Killing time before our next plane leaves

Our first attempt to Brooks Lodge

We had to abort after half an hour

The weather was too rough for the small plane

A few more hours, and a bigger plane, later

We made it this time

Lake landing, with bears on the beach

First stop is a mandatory bear safety orietation

Then heading out to the boardwalk

Stopping at designated overview spots

There is one

Pretty close

Going on a 1.2 mile hike in the rain

To a better bear-viewing platform

Mama bear with her cubs just below us

Trying to go in

The cubs in

They are here for the salmon

It's raining quite hard

Even more bears upstream

We had to wait for a spot

Closest to the waterfall

Wating patiently as the salmon try to go upstream

There is one salmon trying to fly

Didn't make it up

Christof's favorite part of the trip

Mama and Philip walked back to the lodge

To warm up

Papa and Peter joined later

Then exploring the surroundings

Native dwelling

Pit house

Modern day storage hut

Heading back to the take-off lake

Alaska's third largest lake

It cleared up nicely

On our way to King Salmon

King Salmon airport

Eating a quick bite

Boarding our plane to Anchorage