Alaska V
July 16 - July 18, 2019

A drive to Palmer

Pretty mountain and flower

Hatcher pass

The start of a hike

Kids up fast the first section

Continuing for a while

Then deciding to stop at a lake

While Christof and I go to the peak

Going higher

Seeing the other side of the valley

More peaks in the background

The road down below

And higher

Reaching the snow

On the peak

Very pretty

The kids moved to another lake and responsibly carried our backpacks with them

They played very nicely

Hard working mining hands

Stop at an old gold mine

Long abandoned

Daytrip to Matanuska glacier

Reminds me of Iceland

Family picture

Let's get closer

A scenic lunch stop first

Best lunch ever

Ready to continue


The trail keeps changing

Peter flying

Follow the cones

It's some ways

But we made it

Very hard ice

Climbing more

Close to the danger zone

A bridge still standing

Getting even closer

That's as far as Mama goes

Us four

The boys kept going

Papa and the boys

Until someone told them to read the signs and turn back

Walking back

Peter posing

Another super nice day

The road back to the highway

A total surprise lunch place

With super good food and view

A great find

Delicious desserts too

Spying for bears

Back in Palmer

The kids earned some iPad time

Our Bed and Breakfast in Palmer

Our airplane home was delayed

So we went on a last-minute hike

Somewhere between Palmer and Anchorage

Lots of uphill

With rewarding views

And wild red currant along the trail

We stopped at this bench

Papa went up higher

While we played and enjoyed the view

A last ice cream in Alaska

Then on our way home