Back to School
August 13 - September 21, 2019

Trying out Philip's new recipe book

Peter's lemon squares done

Philip's selection also done

Into to pool to cool off

Ready, set


Long hair over the summer


Back to the pool

Next one

Short again

More fun

Papa joins


Evening games

Walking to school

Faster than the schoolbus (some serious walkers...)

Here we come

Phiilp on the playground

Peter on the basketball court

Happy to see his best friends

Lining up at 8:00

The big kids

Time to head to their classrooms

Philip in 2nd grade

Peter in 4th

Mama back home for three more days of sabbatical

Philip back with a goodie bag from his teacher

One hour later Peter also home

Enjoying some snacks by the pool


Card game

Looks like Papa won

Picture collages for school

Family intro


After school art at home

Writing their books


Back to school night

Philip's classroom first

They all fit together

Peter's classroom

A new jacket arrived

Heading to school by themselves

In a world where you could be anything, be kind

So proud of our kids!