Bear Valley, Pacidica, and SF
May 10 - May 26, 2019

In Bear Valley again

Still some snow


Dinner with Sean

Reading with Sean

Outside play

A fort

Going out

With Eileen, Dan and Sean

Sledding to the cars

Drove to a creek

Clear and cold

Going for a hike

Finding a sledding spot

Back to the parking lot

Hike to the

Top of a restrrom

Drive back home

Working around the house

Ammunition for the snowball fight

The railing caved under the snow

Still love our second home

More sledding

And snowball fights

Surprise Mother's Day

From the boys

A walk

Around frozen Bear Lake

Christof's parents at Hoover Dam

And Vegas


With a shovel

For some reason, they love to dig


Little man

Going in

Getting out

Pitch wet


His parents

Philip reading


Nice and warm

Going to school


One for each of his classmates

Building with Nina

Morning reading the news

Dressed up

For a Brazilian steakhouse dinner

Walk at Land's End

View of the Golden Gate

The boys

Lunch with the grandparents before they go back to Germany