Bear Valley Again
August 30 - September 2, 2019

Proper burial for a dead bird we found

Out at Bear Lake

Unconventional fishing


Playing with mud

It's just us on this Friday


Philip too this time

They are exploring

Going to town

Mama walking

Meeting up at the Creekside restaurant for a nice dinner

A hidden treasure

Warming up

Cuddling with Papa

So much love

Pretty flowers in our garden

Super scented

Catch of the day

Peter caught it

And ate it


Philip and Papa

Peter and Mama

Biking again

Going to the store for Labor Day specials

At the big Bear

Biking home

Looking at the new axe we bought

New Tshirts too

Papa playing

The kids trying out the small axe

It works

I should really go back to the store and buy that fishing net

He biked there and bought it

Maia arrived

Mama went to swim with Jane and David

Christof prepared a super dinner for all of us

Sunday morning hike


Group picture

Snack stop - didn't we just start?

Maia and Peter

Forging ahead

On the rock

Loves to climb

Philip and Mama catching up

Philip in Peter's clothes today

Philip ahead


Looping toward the forest

Their ship

Why? someone might ask

Lake Alpine

Ready to go in

Gorgeous day

Mama heads to the other side

Philip and Jane

Many people came out for Labor Day

A game of cards

With snacks

Did Papa just win?

Boys wih necklaces

Out fishing

With the boys, Maia and Jane

No bites so far

Big fishing rods

Christof showing Maia

Her turn

Our boys

Slowly getting tired

Morning moment

Driving home

Evening at home