Bear Valley Summer Vacations I
July 26 - August 1, 2019

Driving up to Bear Valley after the Bot Bash camp

First time for Imola's parents

Tata played pool with Christof

Peter caught a trout the first day

Saturday biking

Lake Alpine

First time back on a bike after two (three?) years

Reaching a pass

Well done

Us two

Back home

Fishing at Lake Alpine

The kids really into it

Papa teaching them

Good job

Enjoying it

Biking up to Bear Lake

For another round of fishing

Philip searching for a better spot

Papa also wants to fish

Can I have it?


Patiently waiting

Mama rescuing a stuck piece

Philip caught a trout

Peter too

Taking it home to Tata

Showing how to clean them

Cooking them

Philip wants to play with Papa

Serving them


Showing the kids how to eat them

Some lemon on top

Philip also tasting it

Yumm for Peter


A walk over the dam

Up the rocks

On a trail to the ski resort

Rocky boulders

Flat part

Drinking in the shade

Come Ralphie

Pretty meadow

With snowy peaks in the background

With the two boys

Ralphie resting

Shot on a log

Climbing some more until we reached the top of Bear Valley ski resort

Geography lessons at home on the deck

Up at Bear Lake


Getting in

Reading at home

Falling asleep


At the playground on Monday morning

Start of the Bear Valley Summer Day Camp week

Showing me around after the day is done

They painted rocks today


Play at home

I found a cool trail while running in the morning

Showing it to the kids

And the dog

And my mom

Still green all around

Parcourse fitness


Peter did it twenty times

He is the champion today

Making it to the watertank at the top

Walk around the lake

Next morning swim while the kids are in camp

Afternoon biking

A bit of uphill

Peter can make it easily

Philip still has some way to go

Walking up

Don't give up

We took a wrong turn - Peter insisted...

Ended up pushing the bikes to the water tank

Peter did it all by himself

On the flat road again

Philip going now

Peter fixing his pedal that fell off

Making it to the lake

We are the only ones

Playing around with a tube


Biking down home

Papa came back for the weekend

He brought a new bed

There it is


Philip drawing


Ha! Little poker face tricked everyone

Another game

At Bear Lake

Fishing again

Grumpy young man


Walked with Papa to the other side

Little man