Bear Valley Summer Vacations II
August 2 - August 5, 2019

Another day

Another hike, after dropping off the kids in camp

To Inspiration Point

With Christof

And Ralphie

Mosquito lake below

Spicer reservoir

Ralphie seeking shade

Let's keep on going

He slowly follows through rocks

And forests

And meadows

Off the beaten track

Reaching a trail again

Made it to Mosquito lake

Mama cooling off in Lake Alpine

Papa spotting Philip kayaking in camp

Peter with his new friend Connor

Building a fort

Ready to defend

Next to the Bear Valley Music Festival Tent

Going in for a Movie Music concert

After a while, Peter and Connor decided to listen from outside

They joined back for the final pieces, with a few scars from the rock climbing

Another bike ride to Alpine Lake

To the Bear Valley Glamping site beyond the ski resort

Wildflowers along the way

A little snow still at the top of the ski resort

Christof biked a lot more

Two tough passes and back


With the kids at Mosquito lake

Heading to Hester (?) lake up a few miles

Ralphie's first encounter with snow

Great trail

Mama with the boys

Cooling off

What is there to eat?



Starting to gain elevation

Rock climbers


More snow

Poking it

Sniffing it

Sliding down on it

Ralphie went in the lake by himself

The kids excited

Yes, he really is in

Swimming with the boys

Making it to the first rock

But then he was afraid to continue

Christof had to swim back to get him

All out

That was fun

Heading back

Christof and I did this hike a few years ago without the kids

Now the kids are strong enough to do it

Peter boulder hopping

Philip following with the dog

Us four

Plus Ralphie

Brothers on the edge

So proud of our great hiker boys

Snow patches on the way down

Happy Ralphie

Bunny nature art

Collecting more stuff for an art project

Downhill is easy

Still another mile to go

Through rough terrain

Flatter now

One last patch of snow

Feels good

Hurrying back to hand off Ralphie to Imola's parents

6+ mile hike, 500 ft elevation gain

Back home, I couldn't help myself

I had to pick a bunch of wildflowers from our yard

With the boys at Lake Alpine

Starting our hike to Inspiration Point


Already out of the forest

And on the top!

These boys are amazing!

Peter actually put a timer on to make it in 30 minutes

Lunch spot

Beef jerky for the fastest hiker to reach the top

Great job

Apples with a view

They just keep on going

More rocks to climb

More places to explore

Reservoirs down below

Looking around

Let's write my name with rocks

There it is

Building a fort

Philip defending it

Peter bringing ammo

The bad guys are coming

Nice to be on sabbatical with the boys

Back to the car

Grab-n-go lunch stop at Lake Alpine Lodge