Bear Valley Summer Vacations III
August 5 - August 9, 2019

Island hopping on Lake Alpine

Swimming back to our base

The boys found red bark

Having fun writing with it

Looks good

That's the red bark chalk

Writing some more

They played nicely while I went for a swim

Back at the house

Making fine red powder from the bark

Adding cheese to the pizza

Salad and mushrooms

The final touches

Making a trap for Papa when he comes back for the weekend

Super pleasant quiet house

With new artwork

They earned Minecraft time

Peter and I go for an evening walk

Down at the fitness course

At Hermit pass with the boys

Peter went offtrail and found this great spot

That's it, we are staying here

Philip jumping down

To our beach on the North Fork of the Mokolumne Rover

Not a single soul on this weekday morning

Our spot for the day


Peter collecting fool's gold

Philip resting

Going on an adventure

While I enjoy the solitude

Back after a long time (I started to get worried)


Then showing me what they discovered

A throne for me

A cool jumping spot

Spalsh (they both made it)

Showing me the way

Notice mama the big holes in the rocks

Step up carefully

Even more carefully on the slippery rocks

Nice and easy

An easier section

Discussing the best way forward

This way, mama

On all fours

A nice chair to rest

That's a tricky part

We made it

Look at the nice deep pool below

Leading me to the waterfall they found

There it is


Drying up after jumping in the pool

Sandman going in again

All three refreshed

A bit cold but it was definitely worth it

Going back to our beach camp

Papa is back for another long weekend

We found the natural slides at the Stanislaus River

And a pool too

Let's go in

Warming up

Crossing with Papa

Splashing water on it for easier sliding

Again and again

Mama cooling off

Philip resting

Us two

The boys

With his straw hat from Austria

Papa showing them how to chop wood at home




Carrying them to the fire place in the front of the house