Bear Valley Summer Vacations IV
August 3 - August 10, 2019

A 30 minute drive on dirt road

Led us to this amazing place

Lower and

Upper Highland Lakes

Running to the snow

View along the way

Lots of snow

The boys and I

With Papa

Pretty lake

Carving steps

Super lunch in the surprisingly full campground

Then up we go

To more snow


Pressing on

Higher up

The boys


The view getting even prettier



Finding cool mineral rocks

And perfect phone rocks

The lake below

Can we stop here while you go up?

No peak, no iPad


For iPad time, we do anything

So up more we go

Quite steep, actually

Pink ice

We can do this

Taking some breaks

Another ridge

Pushing ourselves

Can't go more

Up on Papa

Gathering all his strength

Peter up first


What a view

Super hiker

Mama and Philip coming (the strong wind blew away Philip's hat from mama's head)

All on the top

Folger Peak at 2950m

Amazing scenery

Happy to have made it

Super strong little man

Not quite ready for a picture

Playing a bit

As happy as it gets :-)

Mama super happy, even with her sprained ankle

She is definitely an outdoors person

Time to get going

A last peak around

Ready to run down

Literlly sliding down in the gravel

Mama carefully following

Going around the icefield this time

Through another ridge

Mama catching up

The boys ahead again

Rocks out of the shoes

Me too

Happy again

Peeing over the edge

Back at the trail head after 700+ ft elevation change

Crossing creeks on the way back

Stopping at a river

To have more fun

Dipping in

Mama reading

Back in Bear Valley

Someone is really tired

The pizza tastes so good

Window washing

Peter helping

The parents looking

Going for a walk

Showing Papa the Parcourse trail

Walking through the green meadow


Monkey bars

On the dam

Walking home

Our damaged railing

It caved under the heavy snow

Papa fixing it - local handimen too busy to help us

Temporary fix complete

The boys baking thumbprints

From the cookbook Philip picked at the library book sale

Let's put them in the oven



Great two weeks in Bear Valley