Bear Valley Weekend
September 27 - September 29, 2019

Up again on a Friday evening

Saturday exploring

Big Trees South Grove

A nice bridge

Down to the creek, of course

Starting our hike

Finding all sorts of weapons

A huge tree fallem

Going to the end

Quite deep

Fall collection

Giant cone

Another bridge

Reaching the redwood grove

Red indeed

Burnt from the inside


Nice perspective

Another fallen one

Inside the tree tunnel

Heading back onto a loop

Another tunnel tree

What do we see on the trail

A bear

A big black bear

Who does not want to get off the trail

So we backtracked and made it to our starting point

Finally lunchtime


They really enjoyed it

At the creekside

Slow-mo picture with the new cameras

Mama washing her hands

While the boys explore

Crossing back and forth

One was bound to get wet

And he did :)

Oven replacement - the main reason for our trip

Cutting wood

For a nice fire

Roasting marshmallows

Excited that we can have a fire again after the summer heat is over



Still pretty flowers

Many types around the house

Enjoying the moment


It started to snow

No joke

Coming down

Super exciting

Feeding the fire

Caring for it

Checking its warmth

Flowers in snow

All white

The best part of the trip

Happy boys

Really happy


On the deck

Beautiful Sunday morning


Tracks on the deck

Going for a walk

Not a person in sight

Gorgeous lakeview

Kayaks in snow

Clear water and sky

At the jumping rope

Papa resting

Main beach

Going around the lake

Parcourse fitness

Peter is the king


Swinging high

Pool at home

Another great weekend in Bear Vally