Cousins from Germany I
June 8 - June 15, 2019

Costco shopping

Welcome dinner for visitors

Sunny breakfast

Heading out

Theresa and Stefan

Meeting up at Crissy Fields

Going in

Some more

Others less

Theresa and Stefan went for a swim

Me too

Playing on the beach

Heading off to work

Digging seems to be in the family

All the boys pitch in

Almost done

Philip watches

Lunch at

In-N-Out Burger

Home again

Star fighter

And bull - both gifts from Simon

Fun times

Christof in too

Helping up David

The youngest cousin

Gregor and Peter together most of the time

Stefan joins


Gregor and Peter

Theresa in too




Another lunch outside

Evening pool

Tired boys

Pier 39

A trip to Alcatraz with Susanne and Stefan

He lost a tooth!

Audio tour

Meeting us at the ballpark

Let's go Giants

First time at a baseball game

Trying to make sense of it

Funny faces

Our big little man

Some cheer, Peter reads :-)

Time to go

Stadium entrance lit up

Balloon man

Driving to Bear Valley for the weekend

Still some snow

The boys


In the library

Strolling around

Mom taking some back roads through Livermore


They all love it

Five cousins

Susanne and Stefan


More wood on the fire

Boys with chips



Theresa had an idea

War colors

David too


Attempting a hike

Snow and T-shirts

Philip is into sticks and swords

Quite slippery

Alpine Lake

Part still frozen

Sliding down

Stefan catching them

Now Philip

Taking a break

Now turning back

Off trailing

Power moss

A stop at the lakeshore

Trying to get in

Quite cold

A goose is coming

Christof trying to position us for the camera

Group picture

Resting on a rock

The kids exploring

Gregor went in

With Peter

With Philip and Peter

Three boys

A walk from home to Bear Lake

Going in

Watery hair pictures

I went running

Meeting them up at the lake

Funny poses

Walking back home together