Cousins from Germany II
June 16 - June 22, 2019

Big Trees Park


Really big

A rest stop

Moving on

Susanne and Stefan

Sunshine through the tall trees

A nice trail

Two boys

Four boys

Looking up


Another rest stop

Peter and Gregor

Theresa and Philip

Back at the house

A bit of iPad time

Kids bedroom

Guest bedroom

Living room


Master bedroom

Master bath

TV and


Bye house, til next time

Mercer caves

On the way home

Pretty big

Going down deep

Lots of bacon

Much cooler than outside

Home again



Happy Birthday, Susanne!

Exploring SF with Stefan and Susanne

On the way to Lafayette

Park Hotel

As dressed up as they can get

Susanne with two of her kids

Us four

Our 15th wedding anniversary

Now with all the kids :-)

With my parents

Altogether now

Me and my parents

First course

Us four



Someone enjoyed it

Philip with Mama

The cousins outside

Special anniversary dinner from Susanne and Stefan

With two very handsome waiters

And a pupper show

David also watching

Sleeping on the deck


Breakfast outside

Twin Peaks

The five cousins

Group picture

Then driving them to SFO