December 9 - December 23, 2019

Congratulations on a new taekwondo belt

School field trip to Lawrence Hall of Science with Mom

Rocket experiment

California engineering

Earthquake test

Virtual reality

Amazing! Did you see that ship?

Lots of fun experiences

With Ezra

Super well-behaved kids

Peter helped decorate our Christmas tree

Doesn't fit in straight

Philip at the grandparents

Dinner at the grandparents

Taking Philiip to a nerf battle birthday party

In Alameda

Indoor second half

Peter hanging out with Papa

Philip joining after the party

Mama meeting up with friends in SF

Christmas baking with Mama

Sprinkle spill

Looking good

First batch done


Arranging them on the plate

Second batch with Selina

Wow! Giant surprise package from Germany!

Papa teaching the kids how to eat without hands

Hanuta happy

Early birds up already when Mama leaves to work

Spider scare at the breakfast table

Taking Giraffe in for fun reading in school

Ice skating with Selina

Gingerbread open house in Philip's classroom

Fire station

Philip's house

Mrs Stephenson's second graders

Enginner in the making

Flying car prototype

Meeting Mama for Thai dinner

Decorating cookies and having fun at Miles

Peter went with a green theme

Hanging out with good friends

After the school is over for 2019

Philip on the roof

Helping Papa clean out the gutters

Peter at the grandparents

Saving the presents for Christmas

They both made nice gifts in school


Sunday at home

New kitchen coffee area

After lunch snack

New friends for Shiny the fish: two Bobbys (snails) and Treasure (another fish)

Best salmon and rice lunch ever


Chestnut puree, whipped cream, and fruit salad

Samples from Peter's 4th grade work

Philip's from 2nd grade

Heritage doll and name story

Christmassy things

Hand-written cards by Philip!

Lazy morning

Great writing by Philip

Merry Christmas!