East Bay Adventures
May 27 - August 12, 2019

Cherry picking

In the East Bay

We had to look hard for good ones

Not as good as last year

Papa helping

Peter reaching

Philip on top

They taste OK

Eating as much as they can

Purple mouths


Driving back

Having fun

Taking Ralphie on a walk

Up the hills

Nice view

Snack stop

Yummy keksz


Monkeys on a tree

Sliding down the hill

Poor Ralphie's paws suffered

Back on the trail

Nice grass at the grandparents


Peter's artwork

Third grade portfolio

Very nice!

Helping Papa assemble the new table set

Left and right

Philip's art

First grade portfolio

Out and about again

Another park in Walnut Creek

With perfect holes in the rock

The boys

Continuing the hike

Rest stop

Cherry spitting contest

Go Philip

Nice rock formation

Home to some bird nests

Playing in the meadow

I know what will happen

A creek along the way

Crossing it

Someone got hurt

Tree climbers




Attempting a bike ride with Papa

Gave up pretty fast

Mama running in the hills of Bear Creek

Beautiful (and quite a hilly trail)

Meeting them while they skyped with Gregor

Grandparents visiting

Bringing back Philip

With Mama

With Tata

By himself

Taking Ralphie for a walk with Papa


All the way to the Reservoir


Fog rolling in

Quiet afternoon

Peter's school play

Best friends

Last day of school

Mama took the day off

To host the kids' best friends

Four of Peter's friends

And four of Philip's

The big boys

Plotting against the little ones

All out war


All friends now

They played amazingly well

Snacks at the end

Reading on Bear Bear

A great school year comes to end

Free pizza! And congratulation to Peter from his teacher, Mrs Ahnstedt

Also a big thank you from Mrs Schultz

Philip's first grade teacher

My favorite

Pretty collage