April 20 - April 21, 2019

Nina coloring eggs with Peter

Different types of colors this year

They came out really nice

Rich tones, some even with sprikles ;-)

Easter Sunday breakfast

The boys taking Ralphie for a walk

Cleaned up table

The kids resting

Back home, a big treasure hunt

Opa had a number of clues hidden

Peter's turn first to find his

Up at the wind chime

In his room

Finally leading to the surprise in a closet

Opening it

Then helping Philip with his clues


Back through the play room

In the bathroom

In the guest bedroom

Bingo! Found it

Opening it

Taking a closer look

The masters behind the plan

Buddha board for Peter

Reading the instructions

Trying it out

Then helping to build Philip's gumball tower

While Philip does what he loves most

A walk at Imola's parents

Mt Diablo in the background

Rest with Ralphie

Down at the creek

While Imola's parents prepare the food

Master chef

Taking seats

After popping the champagne

Happy Easter!

Ready to start

Everyone there

Imola's sister and brother in law too

Dessert time

Thank you, Mama and Tata for hosting all of us!