Fall at Home
September 14 - September 25, 2019

Tired from shopping at Costco

New bathroom finally done

Halloween Costume

Out in the garden

Totally into SWAT

Our only apple this season

Peter carwashing with Papa, after picking up a new oven for Bear Valley

On the way to school

Into making tools

Wide angle shot with Papa's new phone

Star Wars in the living room

Zoom in


A quiet evening on the deck

With fire

Reading into the night

In Walnut Creek

At a farm close to the grandparents

Peter in Tata's shirt

Riding the old tractor


Checking out the farm machinery

In the classroom

Fetching water

Big cactus


Trying to figure it out

Ralphie waiting with Papa on the trail

Let's go

Someone needs to rest

Going on

Hot and uphill

Finally some shade

He needs to rest

So do they


With Mama

We should have brought some water at least...

Sunset at home

Big man

Little big man

Mama was in school for parent-teacher conferences

Art from Philip's class

Peter with his friends

Playing at home

With Papa

While Mama is in Sonoma for work

Getting silly

Quieting down

Can't fall asleep

Sleeping outside