October 19 - November 3, 2019

Fall colors

In Papa's office

Halloween clown and SWAT guy

Going for the drinks

And food

Carving pumpkins

Picture with Papa

Walking to school

Sleepy Hollow headless horseman

Their school slogan (not just for the day...)

Philip entering the SCARY haunted house

He survived it, and we met up with Peter

For some fun games

This was their favorite - easiset to earn coupons to redeem 'prices'

Let's try another game

How about this

Stick the spider to the web

Up to the kiddie playground

What's there

A fire truck demo

Wlaking back home

Funny street signs

A big spider

Eating some of their prices

Pancake weekend morning

Before the power went out and we turned on the generators

PG&E shot off power because the wind and fire danger

Lemonade stand on the street

Breakfast on generator power

Smoky morning

Evening work

Nicely cleaned

Ready for bed

One more to go

Peter trick-or-treating with Miles and friends

Philip with Selina and us

Miles' neighborhood

Orinda Downs

Matching clothes

So many houses

So many treats to try :)

Chance meeting with the 4th graders

They enter the same house

And come out happy

Getting darker

Still a few more houses to go

Philip with Selina

Reaching the end of the neighborhood

Counting candy at home

Peter staying up late with his friends

Philip's artwork

Happy Halloween!