Merry Christmas
December 24 - December 25, 2019

December 24th

Selina taking some family pictures

Before we go to Mama and Tata

Let's try another pose

Happy Holidays

Going for a walk with Philip and Ralphie

Back at the grandparents

Checking on the goose

Another set of family pictures with the grandparents

Kids in

Everyone in

With Selina now

The kids are kings

Mama with Ralphie

Papa with the boys

Time for the champaigne

Popping it outside


Carving the goose

Some already eating

The stuffed cabbage was a big success

How do you eat this

Like that

Papa ready to officially start

Tata done

Time to open the presents

Nice pictures from Selina

Ralphie sniffing the presents

Legos for Philip, puzzle for Peter from Selina

Next one is for Mama

Which one next

A big one for Philip

The latest transformer from Mama and Tata

Peter's turn

Yay! Wooden marble run

Philip reading his National Geographic book from Eni

Peter exploring the robot from Oma and Opa

Yoyo for Philip

Sweater for Eni, camera accessories for Tata

Soccer T-shirt from Stefan and family

Mama helping Philip

Bow and arrow set from Stefan and family

This one is for Selina

The boys helping out

What's in this big box

Nerf gun for Philip

Ralphie calmer than last year

Poly the polar bear in an igloo

Little man happy

A toy set from Eni

Ralphie got a new leash set


Lots to choose from

Dec 25th morning at home

Even Shiny and Treasure get along well today

Peter building Philip's Lego from Selina

Beuatiful 3D card from Peter and Explore handmade gift

Peter's letter

Super soft towels from Mama and Tata (more in the bag)

Gifts from Selina

And the picture she gave us

Philip's class card

Peter's corner



Candles for Papa

Opening Philip's gift from uncle Simon


We need a bigger pool

Let's look into Peter's big bag


Can't even take it out of the bag

Can't wait for the next pool season

Now Papa's turn

Speakers for the office

Assembling the bow and arrow set

Peter helping Philip

Trying it out

Now little man's turn

Back to Peter

It really goes high and far

T-shirts and socks for the boys

Peter remote controlling his R2-D2 with the iPad

Transformer fun

He really likes it

Reads the instructions

And boom! It connects by itself

Showing it to Peter

Starting to build the marble set

Visiting Mama and Tata again

Exploring with Peter and Ralphie

Before eating again


Spanish dinner at home

The big ham from the grandparents


Merry Christmas!