November 1 - November 28, 2019

Preparing the aquarium

Mama and Tata bought the grandkids a fish

There is Shiny, hiding in the corner

Drawing by Peter

One more

Philip's art

In the pool in November

Cool kids

Mama reading the astronaut's book she met in Canada

At the grandparents in Walnut Creek

Peter walking the dog

Back home after dinner, the sun setting

Time to go in

Evening reading

Mama preparing for her conference opening speech

Palacsinta from the grandparents

Now I understand why the towel was so dirty

Ralphie dry

Artwork with Selina


Nice evening

Mama back home, learning the local way to multiply (this is NOT how I learned it...)

To help Peter

Walking the kids to school

Evening martial arts video shoots

Out in the pool


Can't beieve he is seven

Big boy

Can't believe he is ten

Brave boys in ice cold water

Warming up in the hot tub

He wants his hair long

Back inside with his unique hair style

Mama in England

Frozen lawn from her hotel room

Afternoon manor

With meetings and high tea

Movie night at home

Big sceen

Cozied up

In the library with Selina


Wonderful sailboat

Peter did this in school

Peter getting started for his STEAM project

With coding

And wires

And drilling

Going with Selina to the library

For Philip's school project to interview a librarian

Peter checking out old books

Reading nicely

The interviewer happy with his job

At Blackhawk with mama - taking Philip to a StemChef birthday party

At the grandparents before dinner

Farewell dinner for Magdi

Hot tub

Cold pool

Brave people in

Little swimmer

Big brother jumps

And swims

Tough kids

Working with Selina

Poison oak

From playing ball at school

They made their own devices

With lots of functionality

And handy holders

Working away