Peter is 10!
October 11, 2019

The park ready for the Nerf Battle

Personalized bags for the red and black teams

Explaining them

The rules of the game

One team's base


Let the battle begin


The first argument

The judge has to step in

Battle zone

Papa's setup holding up well

Brothers in action

Philip so excited to play with the 4th graders

Back to base

Attack again

Captured the red flag

Not slowing down

Out to capture the flag again

Peter got his wish for his birthday

More action

And more action

Super exciting for the boys

One on one combat

Time for a picture break

Slowly gathering

All in

A very nice group of boys


Hungry boys

Friday after school

Arguing with the referee

Fueling up


Philip with Selina

Push-ups, anyone?


Papa enjoying a few quiet minutes

Out again, with water balloons


The other team strategizing

Collecting the ammo


Another attack in the making

Mama with Ralphie

What just happened?

Arguing with the ref

That's not how it was

Singing Happy Birthday to You!

With one candle only

Extreme fire danger :)

Cupcakes are easier outdoors

The boys are all so well behaved!

Patiently waiting

Can we finally have some?

Wish made, and yes, let's eat the cupcakes



Seems like there is a preference for the chocolate ones

Little big man

It's a ten!

Munching around


Ready for another round

Their energy slowly fading

A bit it more life left in them

The grandparents resting in the shade with Ralphie

A final stretch

Spilling onto the basketball court

Peter in the middle

Some still going strong

One last battle on the grass

Then some final fun with the remaining water grenades

Refreshing in the heat

Fetching some from the bucket

Little man

Boy council

Time for some to leave

Nicely cleaning up

Back home for a family celebration

Lots of presents

Telescope from Eniko

Nice card from Mama and Tata

Favorite robot!

Surprise from Selina

Electronics alarm

Wow! A whole big box full of surprises from Tamara


For both

Such a nice package


Thank you!

Lava lamp from the German grandparents

And a final big box

A computer!

Where is the decoration from the cake? Gone! Thank you Tata for the cake.