Philip is 7
August 16, 2019

Early morning surprise

A big package from Tamara

Filled with goodies

So much inside


And sweets

And Star Wars school supplies

"The best day of my life"

Starting the assembly

A stop in our lower garden on the way to school :)

Dr Seuss book gift to the school on his birthday

Mama decorating at home

Picking Philip up from school

Ready for the celebration

Killing some time

Mama and Tata are here

Happy Birthday to you

Blow the candle out

Ralphie also there


Minecraft lego

Laser tags

For Philip and Peter

Eating his favorite rainbow sherbet ice cream cake

Papa assembling the laser gear

With Mama

Peter building

Philip watching

Let's try them out




A short break

With Mama

Let's do it

It was fun

Check out the underwater camera

From Mama and Tata

It works

Pretty cool

Eating out

In Philip's favorite Japanese restaurant

Back home building

Into late evening

Happy 7th Birthday, Philip!