November 28 - December 23, 2019

Philip made this year's name tags all by himself

Catching up

Christof working on the first turkey

Old friends

Meeting for the first time

Enjoying a vine and good company

The turkey looking better and better


Turkey chef

Also helping out

Carving it

The kids are ready

At least the younger ones

Seating order check

Taking our seats

Kids with David Hasselhoff potatoes courtesy of Henrik

Lots of smiles

The other side also sitting down

Christof's view

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the dinner

Christof and my Dad

Eating and talking

Slowing down

Who ate all that meat?!

Almost done

Talking with the big boy

Having fun

Some still at the table

Enjoying the time


Lots of yummy choices

Everyone happy, especially Philip

Gara, Queen of dessert and whipped cream


16th year

After reading Peter's school assay, I did not know what to expect

He ate it just fine