Wedding in Elk
August 17 - August 18, 2019

Arriving shortly after 3 for a 3:30 wedding

Tent up in 15 minutes

Changed, and on our way

To the ceremony site

Up the hill

Pretty day on the Northern Ca coast

With the mother of the bride

Welcome station

The guests gathering

Taking our seats

Difficult to see from the back

Moving to the other side

Dressed up for the occasion

Eszter & Gabe and company

Papa with the boys


Us two

After the ceremony

Talking with the bride's grandmother

Catching up with the boys

There is something on your nose

Heading back down

Playing in front of the reception area

Changed into more comfortable attire

Warming up

Entering the barn

Found our seats

NIce evening

Bridal dance

Chair dance

Sun setting

The party went on into the night

Foggy morning

Cooking breakfast

Indoors eating

Out and about

Stopped at a beack on the drive home

Getting wet of course


Walking around

Another rock to climb

Kind of splashy

How do I get down

And climb another rock

A dog wanted to play with them

Shall we go in


Back home