Winter Break in Bear Valley I
December 25 - December 30, 2019

Ralphie is sleeping over

Good morning

On our way

Arriving sunny Bear Valley

Lots of Christmas gifts to assemble

Cool new book

Lounging with Sean

Cheers to our guests


All the salmon gone

Almost time to bed

One last cuddle with Ralphie

Evening reading

Beautiful morning

Just a little bit of snow on the deck

Cleaned in no time

Boys playing

Christof joins the action

Let's dig up the fireplace


Snow boots for Ralphie

Heading to the lake

So exhausting to walk

Deep snow

On the dam

Resting after all that digging


And marshmallows

Mama in with Philip who is a bit sick

Big boys out


Peter loving it

With Papa

Warming hut


Which trail do we take next?

Awesome sunshine

Happy outside

Continuing on

Dan having fun

Peter too


A well-earned burger after many miles

Great job!

Board game back home

And some electronics, of course

Out on our bunny hill

See if we remember how to do downhill

Yes, no problem

Ski lift

Getting ready for another run

It's not steep enough :-)

On to making perfectly round snowballs

And playing with Ralphie

He loves the attention

Peter the builder

Smell this


Inside in the warm house

Some serious chess game

And out again

Philip ready to slowly go outside


Ralphie exploring the neigborhood

Building a trap

Covering it nicely

After Peter stepped right in it

Movie-star in the making

The director planning the shots

Fat dog and the intruder who wants to steal the necklace

A tender moment

The director trying to tell the actor what to do


Sean working on his own version of the movie

The movie star

Good dog

Exhausted director

Putting the movie together

With captions, music, and all

Philip doing crafts with Mama

Dog or seal, depending who you ask

Movie night

All in

Another sunny morning

Waiting for our season's passes

We got temporary passes...

Ready to hit the slopes

On the "Monkey Express"

Stopping for a picture

Then moving on

Peter teaching Philip

Photo stop with Mama

And another one

Lunch on the floor

Good to sit no matter where

Getting off Polar Express

Discussing which way home

Our first time on the "Lunch Run"

Down we go

Straight back home