Winter Break in Bear Valley II
December 31 - January 5, 2020

Next day, skiing out from home again

Heading to the shuttle

Waiting for the 10 o'clock bus

Off-trailing in the woods

Waiting for our permanent passes

We finally got them

Monkey Express

Our favorite fast lift

And down they go

Black diamond boys

Heading home with Papa

There we are

We all made it

Ralphie happy to see us

Taking him for a walk

The last day of the year

Champagne pouring

Counting down with New York

What happened to the ball drop?!

Bear Valley fireworks at midnight

From our deck

January 1st morning

The boys ready to eat



And all three on their iPads

Papa relaxing too

Saying good-bye to Sean


Who will win?

Final touches on the lego set

Ready to battle

Tunnel building and decorating

Another movie night

Another day of skiing ahead

On with the skis

Off to the shuttle bus

Quite a few people

Daredevil kids

They really got into it

All together

Evening walk with Ralphie

Sky on fire

In the pizza place


Ready for some food

Morning reading

The big project continues

Coming along nicely

Still a few more steps

Figuring it out

Kitchen action

Yummy pudding

And we can taste it too


The marble run all done

Peter demonstrating it

Really amazing

Measuring the kids

Happy face lunch

Semi happy faces

Papa exhausted after the many hours of building

Cake and pudding

Papa out with the boys

Nicely going down

Another great day on black diamonds

Great skiers

Exploring all terrains

Mama out with Ralphie

For a walk around the lake

Snowman at the lakeshore

Pretty scenery

Quiet evening

Calm morning

Arriving the shuttle station

Mama got bus tickets

Family picture

Skier boys

Evening play


Evening falls

Coding fun

Going for a walk on the last day

Parcourse fitness

Racing with Ralphie

Sniffing something under the snow

Packed up and ready to go

Until next time

Happy 2020!